Hello! I am Taylor Elyse Mills and I am currently serving as Hope College’s Mellon Scholar Program post-baccalaureate fellow. My responsibilities include designing the year-long seminar and co-teaching this course. The Mellon Scholars Program is an honors program for students to learn about and produce digital humanities research projects. To view my student evaluations, click HERE. 
I am also serving as the Community Coordinator for Holland, Michigan’s Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates, a non-profit law firm devoted to serving the community in need of immigration legal services. My work at Lighthouse includes co-creating a promotional video, organizing the 2017 West Michigan Immigrant & Refugee Rights Summit, re-designing and maintaining Lighthouse’s website, and developing the Welcoming America Initiative for Ottawa County.
Lastly I am directing the committee for the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities (UNRH), an organization that I co-founded which is devoted to providing opportunities to undergraduates engaging with digital humanities research through an annual conference.
To view my Curriculum Vitae, click HERE.
My research interests include applied ethics, continental philosophy, aesthetics, fine arts, cultural studies, Spanish, law, digital humanities, and social psychology. My other interests include hiking, singing, playing the flute and piano, photography, and traveling.