The Ethics of Expropriated Art

After studying abroad for the 2016 spring semester in Granada, Spain, I received a Hope College Mellon summer research grant to pursue my interdisciplinary interests in ethics and art. After my program ended, I spent two weeks visiting various art museums throughout Europe that had large collections of art from other countries. I wanted to investigate power dynamics in the history of art as it moves across borders. I researched the various reasons why nations expropriate other nations’ art and artifacts, formulated benefits and consequences to this process, and created a Neatline map on Omeka to show where certain types of art are in the world.

This map seeks to show the imbalance of power throughout the artworld as museums have grown to be sources of national pride, and strong reminders of which nations have the most power. Click on the photo below to visit the Omeka site.

Click here to read my final research paper.

This is the intellectual work and property of Taylor Elyse Mills protected under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

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